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About Me

I'm a first-year Ph.D. student at Mila and the University of Montreal, advised by Professor Aaron Courville.

My life goal is to understand mind/consciousness/intelligence and build the so-called AGI. I believe the critical thing is to keep thinking, learning, and exploring, so I won't limit my research to some particular topics until I find an approach that I truly believe in. 

Currently, I'm focused on reinforcement learning in general. 

Previously I have been working on learning object-centric representations using structured generative models with Professor Sungjin Ahn at Rutgers University. I also had experience with computer vision when I started my research career in Professor Xiaowei Zhou's group at Zhejiang University.

About Mind/Intelligence

What I believe:



Improving Generative Imagination in Object-Centric World Models

Zhixuan Lin, Yi-Fu Wu, Skand Vishwanath Peri, Bofeng Fu, Jindong Jiang, Sungjin Ahn

ICML 2020

SPACE: Unsupervised Object-Oriented Scene Representation via Spatial Attention and Decomposition

Zhixuan Lin*, Yi-Fu Wu*, Skand Vishwanath Peri*, Weihao Sun, Gautam Singh, Fei Deng, Jindong Jiang, Sungjin Ahn

ICLR 2020

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GIFT: Learning Transformation Invariant Dense Visual Descriptors via Group CNNs

Yuan Liu, Zehong Shen, Zhixuan Lin, Sida Peng, Hujun Bao, Xiaowei Zhou

NeurIPS 2019

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